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Radically improving life with awesome internet solutions

This is who we are

Richard, Arjan and David have been working on projects together for years. We all have our own expertise and we know how to use it while creating amazing stuff. So why not start a real company? That's how Radish Concepts was born.

This is what we do

We build internet solutions that solve problems and improve lives. Our lives, your customers' lives, and maybe your life? Take a look at our work and our projects. If you think we might be a suitable partner for you, get in touch. We look forward to it.


Our automated loyalty assistant Wilson offers more revenue, efficiency, and loyalty.


More website sales, less effort... Say hello to Naguro, the smart online product configurator.

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Radish Concepts B.V.
Steenuilstraat 25, 7523 BP Enschede, The Netherlands - Email: info@radishconcepts.com
Visiting address: Raambrug 1a, 5531 AG Bladel, The Netherlands - Call Richard on +31 (0)6 48 37 22 46