About us

Radish Concepts originates from 3 guys helping each other while creating online solutions. We noticed that all our projects required us to work together all the time (which we liked), so we decided to start a company together, and help others by fixing their problems as well.


Here’s how¬†to reach us, and a picture so we don’t have to carry around a newspaper and put a rose in our chest pocket to recognise us when we arrange a meeting. In case you were looking about more information on who we are in a professional perspective, check our ‘what we do‘ page.

Coen Jacobs
Loves to work with code, servers, virtualisation and more crazy stuff.

Arno van Ras
Our graphical wizard. Anything from design to creating instructional videos.

Stef Thoen
Fabulous Frontending From France. Our first remote worker.

Arjan Snaterse
Handles project management and is in lead of all development.

David Brinks
Copywriter and marketer, works out what your project should do for you.

Richard Theuws
Sales is not a dirty word. You just have to make sure to do what's best for the client.

Radish Concepts B.V.
Steenuilstraat 25, 7523 BP Enschede, The Netherlands - Email: info@radishconcepts.com
Visiting address: Raambrug 1a, 5531 AG Bladel, The Netherlands - Call Richard on +31 (0)6 48 37 22 46