What we do
Working together on ongoing online solutions

We build software and websites that are able to do really help out you and your clients.

If you succeed in offering your clients the solution they are looking for via the internet, you have a big chance of success. We build websites and web applications that do just that. Starting from e-commerce websites via database driven multi site engines to API powered applications that can be implemented in unlimited websites.

Of course you can see examples of our work on our cases page.

Talk to us and we’ll help you out

Before we can start a project, we need to define your goals. We can start by meeting face to face, talk on Skype or just emailing to and fro.

As soon as we’re clear, we’ll come up with a solution in a way that benefits your clients and, as a result of that, your company. Expect a detailed vision of the future including technical specifications and quotes.

At this point, you choose wether you want to start working with us.

Limited availability

Technically speaking, we mainly work on ongoing projects that are under constant development, like big sites or multi-sites, API powered applications and such. Because the internet is always developing. So are our developers. And your solutions.

Therefore we can’t work on more than just a few projects simultaneously. Our estimate is we can handle up to 6 per year. This ensures you that we can completely focus on what you need instead of overflowing with new projects. Everybody wins!

Want us to handle your project?

Call Richard on (+31)6 48 37 22 46 or send an email to richard@radishconcepts.com

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